What I offer

Yoga I Tantra I Shamanic Healing

Please read through the below, consider what resonates with you, and get in touch for a chat. All my work is tailored to you and these practices are often combined.



Yoga is about far more than just strength and flexibility. “Yoga” means “unity” and it all starts with awareness. My yoga practice is about waking up the natural intelligence of the body.



While there are usually different interpretations of Sanskrit words, literally translated ‘tantra’ can mean ‘book’, ‘body of work’ or ‘teaching’. The etymological root suggests something along the lines of “wisdom that saves”. For me, tantra is a body of ancient wisdom and practices that lead to a deeper understanding and richer experience of life. This wisdom may be ancient, but by its very nature it grows and evolves with human experience.

Tantra is vast, so there is much to learn! It is said that tantra is ‘caught’ rather than ‘learnt’, and everyone’s experience of tantra is unique. In a sense, I provide ‘exposure’ to tantra, so that you might ‘catch’ the understanding, and develop your own practice. This may include discussion of theoretical concepts and practical exploration, typically starting with simple exercises around breath and awareness.

Introduction to Tantra- many people start with my ‘introduction to tantra’. This is five sessions of approximately one hour over the course of approximately five months. This will give you a basic understanding of tantra, and develop a foundation for our work together.


Shamanic Healing

Every indigenous human culture evolved with its own shamanic practices. Shamanism represents humanity’s connection with the natural world and ‘the great mystery’ – that which is quite simply beyond our comprehension.

The collective consciousness of humanity has never been so disconnected from nature and mystery, and so there is great potential for us as individuals in ‘reconnecting’ through shamanic practices.

Shamanic healing ranges from a simple journey in to your subconscious to take a look around and gain insight, to a full ceremony of several hours for healing of the body, mind and spirit.


Executive and Career Coaching

Given my corporate experience I am also happy to offer executive and career coaching, including personal vision, mission and purpose. This can be combined with any of the other practices for an unusual and particularly insightful approach.