Welcome to Vīrya.co.uk


My name is Vīrya, and I am based in Brighton on the south coast of England.

I grew up believing that science has somehow disproved anything ‘other’ – that it explains everything and there is no longer a place for spiritual practice or magic. Through an initial interest in meditation I’ve followed a path into the world of spirituality and experienced its potential. I’m excited to share some of this experience to help others.

Spiritual practices can serve as an antidote to the materialist capitalist mindset which is the norm in contemporary Britain. Consumerism, sensationalist corporate media and the reality TV effect can leave us feeling flat, low and empty. Through spiritual practice we can feel whole: confident, unashamed, connected, and vibrant.

My experience:

Yoga, meditation, tantra, and shamanic healing. I also have 15+ years’ experience in international business across a variety of leadership and managerial roles.


Recommended reading

Kali Rising – Dr Rudolph Ballentine A great and accessible introduction to classic tantra from a contemporary swami from the tradition of the Himalayan Masters.  The Mantantra Letters – Nathan James and Victor Bliss This is the story of two men’s discovery of tantra in the context of the modern world.  Already an absolute classic, …